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[ROM] Sac23 N9750 & N9700 7-2-20
SAC23 Custom ROMS 

ok guys/gals here something I been working on for a while  

This is Based on N975U and N970U  - the reason I wanted to be as close to t-mobile as possible

*IF anyone needs to change carrier info CSC please install Mentalmuso CSC Mod -!iRp3UaCb!YLYXgbpzw4klV...Dk5Q6fjUUw

GUYS N9700 WAS NOT TESTED DUE TO NO TESTERS - please let me know if working 

This Rom Is DeBloated  With A lot Of Mods Enjoy!

Special thanks to 
Telegram group link:

Thanks Soul devs for kernel Smile


1- Install Rom

2- reboot back into TWRP flash Magisk

3- boot ROM 

4- reboot back into TWRP and flash mods pertaining top what UI u would like  Single or Dual

Step 1


Step 2


u don't have to go with this version but just adding here for convenience

Step 3

N9700 mods - single status bar -!mYAgUYKT!U0N_eMd7jBCpA...wwjcUWzEg0

N9700 mods - Dual status bar -!CUJ0hAKR!OmS9h70SzDdD4...Rtf3P89QGk

N9750 mods - Single status -!OEY0mQwK!S1wrm-A4hwbX3...epGEqFez3g

N9750 mods - Dual status bar -!2RBwDI7b!kS7_EnseG4alw...Kc9Ec0nS8I

enjoy guys !!!!
[-] Recuento: 3 usuarios dicen Me Gusta a sac23 por este post:
  • necrosauron (03-11-2020), fsunoles101 (03-09-2020), GVM (03-09-2020)
well I had bricked my device but somehow I got a new one and I'm bringing u guys this rom again here's May update

debloated rom

removed knox

added call block in phone settings

added call record in phone settings

added Mods

status bar icon positions

lockscreen postions

show hide icons

custom padding

clock custom mods

added 2 types battery grx and 3minit

added date mods

added trafic mod

carrier label

icon chooser for ril and wifi

added weather mod for ui

notification panel icon mod

data usage mod

quicklauch mod in pull down

device info mod in pull down

ram swap in ui pulldown

native blur percent

qs toggles numb mod

next alarm

allow quick reply on lockscreen

lockscreen rotation

statusbar icon color

toggle button bg button order

power menu bg mod

incallui bg mod

animation scale

volume up to switch tracks

navbar hight

expand single notifications

outgoing notifications removal

long press back to kill

outdoor mod

reboot menu with on off toggles

reboot menu lines mod

added incall ui

a lot more mods


[b][b][u][b]UPDATED WITH BRIGHTNESS FIX[/b][/b][/b][/u]

[-] Recuento: 1 usuario dice Me Gusta a sac23 por este post:
  • fsunoles101 (03-09-2020)
July 1 Rom

Now dual and sinle are all in one becouse thanks to grouxho and AbrahamGC
new switch for on off in sacsettings


Changelog is in rom when u flash
[-] Recuento: 1 usuario dice Me Gusta a sac23 por este post:
  • fsunoles101 (03-09-2020)
So stoked and can't believe this is finally here!!! @sac23 you are the man!!!! Thank you sir.

Sent from my SM-N9750 using Tapatalk
thanks for sharing your roms sac23... Clapping

awesome work like always

best regards!!!
[Imagen: D0YqJ3J.gif]
updated rom link updated rom Smile 3.12.2020
[-] Recuento: 2 usuarios dicen Me Gusta a sac23 por este post:
  • fsunoles101 (03-13-2020), GVM (03-12-2020)
Thanks for your work an for sharing it here  Clapping Clapping Party . I will move the thread to Samsung General forum.
[Imagen: qeHcSFg.png]


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