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sac23[ROM] Sac23 Pie s9 & s9+ 2_24_19
Sac23 S9 S9+ Pie Rom

Heres another prebuild

rom made for s9 and s9+ 

v1 changelog

Full deoxed Pie 
added enabled all toggles 
added reboot recovery toggle

V1 -!X6IixCLD!ZPoKTfYdAvDxl...KLnenYEHxQ

V2 Changelog

Full Deoxed
Based on Beta 3 firmware
added navbar hight mods thanks @thereassaad and @Grouxho
added toggle colors mod and on fly ( thanks @Grouxho )
added reboot to recovery ( thanks grouxho)
added hardware key mods ( again thanks grouxho )

Guys the lag might still be there once we get new kernel and or source well get fixed 


V2 -!PmhQlCCD!wXzt2qtGtzqz3...Fok4S-uezg

V2 - Mirror -

12-11-18 ODEXED in Spacial Way NOw NO more lag 
moved reboot menu to toggle in ui ( again thanks to @Grouxho )
added script for csc thanks  Tkkg1994 have not tested 
fixed sound low 
and more i probably forgot

reupdated added fix for dual sim

V3 -

V3 - Mirror!vyB0WYLY!1gx4W1t9aqDQ6...8Dqd0dm5qA

changelog v4
updated to ZRL5
readded mods 

V4 -

V4 - Mirror -!DzgxUSoS!7K2MPEiS6H8ln...W48UEKW3Y0

added grouxho reboot toggles
added game fix
optimized battery
fixed scripts csc (i hope)
and more

V5 -

V5 - mirror  -!Ci5HkCzS!VWuzoKYiIp5L1...FCwGvhMv5Y

chngelog V6 
updated all to 965FXXU2ZRLF
ported oer mods
removed svoice broken for pie
and more 


V6 -!37RVyQKB!p9pjr2ro5JxWn...LpUF9_AgdE

mirror tomarrow

quick changelog
updated to FXXU2CRLI  official base
ported mods over 
and more

V7 -!LmoGGKSQ!spGtl1ggXjFCG...GcUJiDh63g

V8 Changelog

full deoxed 
updated to newest release 
thanks to @thereassaad for these mods
added notification text colors  
added listview animations  
added enable 4g or lte icon and signal bar mod 
added Usb unplug power mod
added toast mods 
added Clock mod 
thanks to @Grouxho
added circular battery mod 
added hide views mods
added TGP kernel and or Choose Stockkernel in aroma
added smart manager china with alot more options  ( we know that app permissions not working )
added screen recorder and toggle 
and more i probably forgot 

V8 -

V8 - Mirror -!3uRQVKRa!2QOEHIgMYgQIN...uCnOEd6JvQ

V9 -

ill put up mirror tomarrow with changelog 

big thanks to @Edzamber

thanks again to 
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  • Peugeot73 (02-24-2019), amirsat (01-18-2019), elDiabllo (12-30-2018), jonavero1979 (12-16-2018), thereassaad (12-13-2018), fivanbe (12-10-2018), franzerelli (12-02-2018), necrosauron (11-28-2018), juymelc (11-28-2018), Grouxho (11-28-2018), GVM (11-28-2018)
1 more
[-] Recuento: 3 usuarios dicen Me Gusta a sac23 por este post:
  • jonavero1979 (12-19-2018), thereassaad (12-13-2018), GVM (11-28-2018)
Great job sac  Clapping
[Imagen: qeHcSFg.png]

Thank you my friend. I am glad you publish here... As always first dev publishing ports...
[-] Recuento: 1 usuario dice Me Gusta a Grouxho por este post:
  • thereassaad (12-13-2018)
se agradece el curro cumpa sac..

un saludo
[Imagen: D0YqJ3J.gif]
Great to see you here Sac.
(12-09-2018, 12:26 PM)franzerelli escribió: Great to see you here Sac.

thank u good to be here
[-] Recuento: 1 usuario dice Me Gusta a sac23 por este post:
  • thereassaad (12-13-2018)
Great rom. Thanx sac
Guys, does v5 has pie bl included? Thanks.
Hola ,puedo usar navbar mods,skip tracks en mi rom para n9?

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