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[20/12/2020] KERNEL MOROKERNEL AllInOne V8.6


Custom Kernel con Linux actualizado y con todo tipo de mods, control de voltajes, ajustes de velocidad

Custom Kernel with updated Linux and all kinds of mods, volt control, speed settings

MoRoKernel AIO v8.6:
* Sources N935KKKU4CTK1
* MoroSound v2.2.0
  - Dual Speaker
  - Mono sound
  - Mic gain controls for 3 mics
* MTweaks v2.18.0
* ZZMOOVE Cpue Governor
* Removed Fingerprint Always-On
* Interactive S7 governor for default
* Reverted to kernel 8.2 cpu configuration
* Sdfat update to version 2.4.5

MoRoKernel AIO v8.5.2:
* Fixed Fingerprint error and reboots with some roms

MoRoKernel AIO v8.5.1:
* Fingerprint Always-On slectable
* Some changes on Aroma Installer

MoRoKernel AIO v8.5:
* Upgrade for Lineage 17.1 roms
* Lineage 17.0 no more compatible
* Improved temperature
* Updated sources to N935KKKU4CTH1
* Various optimizations

MoRoKernel AIO v8.4:
* Compatible with Floyd v3.0 OneUIv2.1
* Revert to Stable Magisk 20.4
* Spectrum support selectable

MoRoKernel AIO v8.3:
* Compatible with Floyd v3.0 OneUIv2.1
* Updated InteractiveS9 and Thunderstorm2 governors - Credits to nalas, ThunderStorms21th
* Added Thunderstorm governor
* Magisk Canary 97b72a59 (20419)

MoRoKernel AIO v8.2:
* Fixed NFC for OneUI 2.0 Q Rom - Credits to Anan, ananjaser1211
* Fixed smart covers form OneUI 2.0 Q Rom - Credits to Anan, ananjaser1211
* InteractiveS9 and Thunderstorm2 governors - Credits to nalas, ThunderStorms21th
* MTweaks v2.17.3

MoRoKernel AIO v8.1:
* Samsung Q Rom compatible
* F2FS for Lineage 17
* Spectrum support for all roms
* Magisk Hide 20.4 enabled
* Removed ArchPower
* Disabled some debug options
* GPU libs installation for Treble and Samsung Pie
* MTweaks v2.17.2

MoRoKernel AIO v8.0.1:
* Fixed F2FS
* Fixed OneUI rom detection
* Enable fsync

MoRoKernel AIO v8.0:
* All In One KERNEL: Oreo, Pie, Lineage 16 & 17, and Treble & TrebleUi
* Sources NoteFE N935KKKU4CTA4 actualizado to
* GPU R29 Driver
* AutoSMP Holplug
* Input Boost
* Fingerprint Boost
* 4 Cores to MAX FREQ, selectable
* DVFS decision control
* MoRoSound v2.1.1, with 5 bands Equalizer
* Wake gestures: sweep2wake, doubletap2wake and sweep2sleep
* MTweaks 2.17.1
* A lot of CPU governors
* A lot of IO Shedulers
* GPU Freq: 250-806MHz
* Battery Store mode
* Voltage settings for CPU, GPU, Int, Mif, Dsip, Cam
* Battery settings
* USB charge to 900MHz
* PWMfree brightness control
* Magisk 20.4
* Powersuspend 4 modes, Autosleep, Userspace, LCD panel, Hybrid
* Wakelocks settings
* Boeffla Wakelock Settings
* SELinux Selectable Permissive
* Swap with LZ4 compression
* Led Settings
* Wireguard VPN compatible



MoRoKernel AIO v8.6:

Si tienes problemas con SAFETYNET, asegurate de que tienes activado Magisk HIDE en ajustes de Magisk
If you have problems with SAFETYNET, make sure you have Magisk HIDE enabled in Magisk settings


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Gran trabajo morogoku!!!
Grande Moro!!
Como siempre lo mejor y mas crack como persona.
Gracias moro crack

Enviado desde mi SM-G965F mediante Tapatalk
Gracias moro por tu trabajo

Enviado desde mi HTC M8 mediante Tapatalk
MoRoKernel Oreo v4.3:
* Fix SafetyNet on Sac PortS9
* Magisk 16.4
* Ramdisk XXU2EREM
* Linux 3.18.113 ELS
* Fix VPN on portS9
* Fingerprint XXU2EREM
Gran trabajo @morogoku !!!
(06-15-2018, 01:22 AM)morogoku escribió: [ -> ]MoRoKernel Oreo v4.3:
* Fix SafetyNet sur Sac PortS9
* Magisk 16,4
* Ramdisk XXU2EREM
* Linux 3.18.113 SAJE
* Fix VPN sur portS9
* empreintes digitales XXU2EREM[/ Amoff]

Hi Morogoku.
Thank you very much for this kernel whose battery life is very good.
Just a question why we do not see all these updates on the xda website.
the other question is what you can add in the next versions the option: (double tap to unlock the phone)
thank you very much
Best Kernel
MoRoKernel v4.4

* New driver Fade Led
* Magisk 16.6
* MTweaks 2.9.2
* Linux 3.18.114 ELS
* Disabled some wakelocks from Noxxxious kernel
* Allow 4 cores to 2600MHz
where link to v4.4?
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