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Sac23 Snapdragon Rom

hello guys so i moved over to the snapdragon s9 i have made a rom for it please do not ask for eta when next update will be i just posting this so that u guys have some sort of diffrent rom 

i have not tested this on 9650 so please let me know if working 

i do want to thank Chinese side tomato garden (Tired),rom developer for his updater script 

this rom . has all the mods i had in my previous exynos roms 

thanks also to 

-navbar options
-circle battery
-reboot menu
-qs animations
-swipe area mods
-lockscreen weather
-rambar mod in recents
-data usage
-clock and date mods
-notification colors
-system animations
-volume panel mods
-4g icon mod
-unplug screen on/off
-expanded notifications
-all notifications clearable
-heads up time
-all hardware key mods

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Great work Sac  Clapping Clapping Clapping
thank's for sharing your work sac....
best regards